Working with Survivors of trauma and trauma related issues.
Serious Media's core commitment is to creating multimedia focusing on trauma and trauma related issues. We work alongside survivors of childhood sexual abuse, rape and sexual violence.

We work alongside individuals with lived experiences, experts by experience, and organisations supporting them, creating films that resource learning and support, raise the profile of key issues, facilitate change. Since 2010 we have produced films that resources training, and facilitate better understanding about Dissociation and dissociative disorders, particularly understanding DID, Dissociative Identity Disorder.

Our portfolio includes A Logical Way of Being and No Two Paths the Same for First Person Plural and ESTD; and training films for ESTD-UK.

We have also produced many training films with local and regional organisations that resource training with the Police, NHS services, the judicial system, universities, private practitioners.

We are always exploring new approaches through which to communicate serious and sensitive issues; our portfolio also includes working with puppetry, animators, illustrators and photographers.

Serious Media also enable professionals working with trauma related issues to understand the impacts of filming and recording upon individuals who have experienced trauma; the reality of 'consenting to being filmed'; understanding the absolute need to journey with individuals from the earliest stages, and ensure support and a sense of being in control at every stage of the process.

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