Serious Media was established in 1998 to create programmes that speak from the heart of serious social and cultural issues. Now in our 18th year, we have built a strong reputation for accurate representation and for undertaking our work with absolute sensitivity, empathy and respect for the individuals we interview.

Serious Media films:

resource training
enable peer to peer support
impact learning
promote and celebrate organisations, services and initiatives
challenge misconceptions
facilitate transformation

on a local, regional, national and international platform

Individual voices

Our primary objectives are:

To give people a voice through multimedia.
To empower disadvantaged groups by enabling them to communicate issues in a way that is direct and honest, yet constructive, informative and challenging.
To promote greater understanding among individuals, public sector organisations, businesses and with policy and decision makers right up to European Parliament level.
Multimedia tools that raise the profile of serious issues within every society; and equip support organisations with the multimedia voice to affect change.

We give a voice to:

Individuals themselves - Challenging myths and misconceptions which often have a strong isolating influence, preventing individuals from accessing effective support. Reaching individuals who have not been able to talk about their experience with the message that there are people they can talk to; that there are organisations who will listen, support and walk with them.
Public sector professionals - Health; social services; mental health services; police; judicial system professionals. Information, advice and guidance to educate professionals as to how to ask questions of patients and service users; how to respond effectively; signposting individuals to support organisations. Training tools that help professionals to understand the experiences that individuals may have lived through and most importantly the issues they really have to address and cope with; explaining through their own personal experiences, the barriers they may have that prevent them accessing support effectively.
Policy makers and strategists - Providing insight, guidance and scope for policy makers to evaluate the common links and impact of specific issues upon our statutory services and thus the potential positive long term effects that addressing essential issues could have in lessening the pressure of so many misdiagnosed misunderstood individuals who currently access and many of whom remain in the service for huge proportions of their lives.
Businesses - public and private sector employers - offering information, advice and guidance around issues affecting individuals in the workplace.


As Serious Media Ltd enters its 18th year we continue our commitment to excellence in multimedia working alongside individuals and organisations supporting them, enabling them to share their lived experiences.

We have built a strong and consistent reputation for prioritising the welfare of those who contribute to our programmes; always working with empathy, respect and sensitivity.

Our core priority is to enable individuals to share their experiences in a trusted and safe environment, within which they know they will have control of the messages they choose to share and will be represented with total integrity and compassion.

Much of our work is to enable the communication of very serious, sensitive issues, and the impacts of trauma. Serious Media's team have over two decades of understanding the impact of filming upon the contributors themselves, and upon audience response.


Working with individuals who are survivors of trauma, and trauma related issues.

A primary focus is in supporting survivors of trauma and trauma related issues, especially trauma caused by childhood sexual abuse, rape and sexual violence. We have created ground breaking films presenting understanding of Dissociative Disorders, and particular Dissociative Identity Disorder.

Our films also communicate experiences and promote awareness and better understanding of living with disabilities and mental health issues; with families who have lost loved ones to suicide; with asylum seekers and refugees; and to advise and guide migrant workers.


Serious Media's films have launched and showcased on local regional and national platforms across the UK, and in Brussels, Berlin, Copenhagen, Montreal.

We are delighted to receive impressive feedback that our materials which are being used to facilitate training and awareness raising and peer-to-peer support across the UK, Europe, North America and Canada, The Caribbean, South America and Australia.

We have been asked to translate films into many European and Middle Eastern languages.

Our Services

MultiMedia Production

Web-film presentations and downloadable formats, promotional programmes, conference presentations, multimedia evaluations, public consultations, Personal profile films, training and educational films as well as videos to support funding applications, delivered in many formats and languages.

Public Consultation

Working with public sector organisations to produce consultation programmes for conferences and events; exhibitions; websites; ongoing evaluation. Consulting residents, businesses, students, children and young people, shoppers, consumers across the region.


  • "... I would always recommend you ... You did such an incredible job and did the editing so quickly. Amazing."

    Hertfordshire Highways
  • "Thanks so much for the vox pops, there are so many great quotes it is difficult to choose."

    Hertfordshire Forward
  • "Working with Serious Media was a great experience. Gill captured our vision for the work we wanted and produced and delivered it in a remarkable way. She worked with such sensitivity with us as an agency and with our client's. Gill worked with thoughtfulness with all our clients that wanted to participate in this project making sure that their individual story was captured powerfully. The end result is a training and awareness raising tool that we have used again and again in training partners and raising awareness about the impact of sexual abuse and violence. I would highly recommend working with Serious Media!"

    RSVP Birmingham
  • "Gill (Sandell, Director) guided a group of very vulnerable abuse survivors through a documentary. We found her sensitive, absolutely trustworthy, professional and empathetic. Her films don't merely educate, inspire the audience, but also enhance the lives of the participants. A remarkable filmmaker who has a heart of gold."

    Survivor -'Not Mad, Not Bad, But Traumatised '
  • "It was very important to us to ensure that the voices of survivors of sexual violence were heard at the conference and the film was extremely powerful in ensuring survivors were at centre of the day. The film and the individuals who spoke of their experiences succeeded in reminding us all of importance of improving the response to sexual violence."

    National Support Team for Response to Sexual Violence, Department of Health
  • "Just got the DVD - Amazing!!!! I'm absolutely stunned by how brilliant this is - your identification of information needs is spot-on ...And so beautifully and coherently presented! Our students will be over the moon with this lot!Thanks a zillion!"

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