Serious Media

Creating films that speak from the heart of serious social and cultural issues.
Communicating truth and understanding about serious issues affecting the lives of many people in our communities.
Connecting people through raising awareness, resourcing learning, enabling peer to peer support.
If together we whisper; all together we'll be heard.
Voices from the heart of serious issues. When individuals are enabled to share their lived experiences, and communicate the personal impact of issues upon them, their audience is offered realest insight, awareness, guidance and support; and what can emerge are responses that are truly engaged, effective and essential.

  • Survivors
  • Mental Health
  • Children


Supporting survivors of trauma and trauma related issues, especially trauma caused by childhood sexual abuse, rape and sexual violence. We work alongside individuals with lived experiences, experts by experience, and organisations supporting them, creating films that resource learning and support, raise the profile of key issues, facilitate change. We have created ground breaking films presenting understanding of Dissociative Disorders, and particular Dissociative Identity Disorder. Our portfolio includes A Logical Way of Being and No Two Paths the Same for First Person Plural and ESTD; and training films for ESTD-UK.

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Mental Health

We work with many organisations supporting people with mental health issues to raise awareness, resource better understanding, celebrate great initiatives. Our portfolio includes films that:

Document specific ground breaking initiatives
Present the value of Befrienders
Celebrate the importance of art and creative therapies; exercise and fitness
Focus upon the needs of Carers and Mind's great concern and provision for them
Offer advice and guidance for students with exam stress.

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Children & Students

We work with children, young people and students creating a wide diversity of films.

Storytelling films for children 5-11 years
Resourcing learning for schools, colleges and universities
Promoting exciting initiatives
Marketing academies, colleges and universities
Consultation and research into issues impacting young people

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